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2750 Exterior Folding Windows - Available from Solsetter

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The Classic Look for Your Home

As people grew fond of folding doors, so came the need for high-quality folding windows. A few years back some clients asked us if we could design high-quality folding windows to match their WinDor folding doors.

Our answer?

"Sure, why not?" Now, we use the same proven material design method, to make hybrid folding window systems for clients all over the U.S. And unlike most window manufacturers in the window market, WinDor is known to combine both aluminum and vinyl for one of the best window design today.

What You Need to Know About All-Aluminum Folding Window Systems

You guessed it right. Aluminum is a great material to use when designing window systems. The strong and rigid nature of the mineral makes it perfect for larger-sized windows compared to the old vinyl folding systems.

Sure, aluminum looks good on paper. But using it as the only element in your windows poses some serious risks. First, aluminum breaks down and corrodes when in contact with enough water.

Additionally, aluminum is a great heat conductor. What this means is that you cannot save energy when using aluminum windows. A bad move for the environment if you ask us.

Is Vinyl any Better?

When it comes to windows, Vinyl is a great material to use. When you look at the compound, it won't corrode, crack, or peel making it the best low maintenance material for all your window needs.

Moreover, vinyl windows are extremely energy efficient. However, just like aluminum, vinyl faces unavoidable drawbacks as well. For instance, a bi-fold window made from only vinyl is not as strong as a window made from aluminum. As a result, this material is not great when it comes to large windows for commercial or residential areas.

But There is Hope: The WinDor 2750 Exterior Folding Window Solution

With the limits and advantages of both materials in mind, WinDor ventured out to create a lasting solution to this vinyl-aluminum conundrum. WinDor uses a unique process to blend aluminum framing with low-maintenance vinyl capping.

And thus, the 2750 Exterior Folding Window was formed.

The 2750 series is extremely durable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance making it rank among the top folding windows in America.

If you want to go into the finer details, there are performance and testing details below.

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Extruded Colors


Standard Colors

Dk Bronze (Coated)
Black (Coated)
Terra Tone (Coated)

Semi-Custom Colors

Silver (Coated)
Beige (Coated)
Taupe (Coated)

Extruded Colors

Every window and door manufactured by Win-Dor Systems is made from the highest quality 100% virgin vinyl available, extruded in either white or beige. Colors are consistent throughout the products, hardened to stand up to the harshest elements and will never peel, chip or need paint.


Standard Colors

A variety of popular painted exterior coating options are available. Each color is bonded onto the vinyl surface and adds an element of heat reflectivity. All of our painted finishes are scratch and chip resistant, made to withstand the elements and formulated for optimal energy efficiency.


Semi-Custom Colors

Additional exterior colors are available. The semi-custom color family of colors may require longer production lead-times. Please consult the factory for additional information.


WinShield® Colors Colors

WinShield® is a specialty laminate made from multiple layers of durable and highly reflective materials. Each layer adds to its strength and heat reflectivity. The laminate is bonded to the vinyl using a specialized process. WinShield’s unique technology performs incredibly well even in extreme environments. It is virtually maintenance-free, much more durable than traditional paints used by others, and provides a consistent color that can be carried across multiple products reducing variations.